One-Line Bio

I am a freelance writer based in Washington, DC.


I do not believe that the course in Career and Personal Planning that I took in high school was all that useful. In addition, the economy has dealt many serious blows to myself, my close friends, colleagues, acquaintances and the rest of the world. Steal This Job Blog is intended to be a tool for people to find things they may like to try or pursue as careers. Please don't try to actually steal the jobs of those profiled here, but forge your own path to success.

I have had a few jobs in my day. I have been a marketing coordinator for a non-profit publishing company, a temp ("Of course, I love data entry!"), media monitor for the Canadian government, intern at an Inuit arts magazine, intern at an independent online publication, public relations consultant, copywriter for the Yellow pages website, activies coordinator at a resort in Mexico ("Beach volleyball anyone?"), retail salesperson, and ice cream scooper (my first job). I have also been a mediocre to pretty terrible server in various restaurants (from the local family joint in Harrison, NY to the fine dining hotspot in Canada's capital city, Ottawa).

In between, I have written for various publications including Mother Jones magazine, the, ION magazine, and the Ottawa Xpress.


yoga, running, current affairs, hiking, writing, politics, magazines of all kinds, hot yoga (if i am feeling ambitious), performing arts.